Averis’ mission is to secure the continuity of Avebe’s supply of raw materials.

In addition to this, we endorse the mission of our parent company Avebe. That mission reads as follows:

We extract everything to be had

The potato is one of nature’s gifts, and no other company in the world can match our ability to unwrap it.

Our mission is to extract everything to be had. By that we mean first and foremost the valuable constituents: we have extracted starch since the very beginning, proteins followed more recently and the next developments are on their way.

But ‘extracting everything to be had’ refers also to the interests we represent: we want to offer our growers an optimum price, our employees a good career and our customers added value.

We succeed in this by constantly providing new solutions that meet the wishes and requirements of our customers and society as a whole. We are constantly alert to current global trends.

By means of plant breeding, Averis develops potato varieties that are optimally profitable and can be grown sustainably in the Avebe growing area, and provides at least 80% of the seed potato supply to the Avebe growers.

‘Optimally profitable’ means sufficient marketable content that forms the basis for Avebe’s products, the lowest possible input (fertilisation, crop protection, labour, etc.) with the highest and most stable yield, thus maximising the value per hectare of starch potato growing.