Core values


Our core values are the same as those of our parent company Avebe and describe the essence and the raison d’être of Avebe and Averis. We can summarise them as: Sustainably binding and building.

Sustainably binding

We strive for sustainable relationships

Binding stands for our ambition to bind people, planet and profit together. Together with our stakeholders we bind economic and social values and create shared values.

Binding also represents our strong commitment to the region, the members and our customers.

Sustainably building

We invest in innovation

Our aim is to build a solid and future-proof cooperative in a sustainable way. For this purpose we critically examine our production processes: What can we do more smartly, cleanly or quickly? We’re also always on the lookout for new ways of increasing our yields with fewer resources. Growing more sustainably. Developing new potato varieties with better properties. And supplying products that give our customers added value. That is what we continuously aim for.

Building also stands for the progressive and innovative capacities of our people. The core competencies of respect, accepting responsibility and development describe our internal culture. By stimulating and using the knowledge and creativity of our employees we seek new and sustainable solutions for customer and social requirements.